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The first Saatdjian Dental Clinic was founded in the 1940’s by Yacoub (Hagopjan) Saatdjian, at a time when the bay of Jounieh was just a row of red roofed houses surrounded by orchards. Yacoub, originally from Aintab ( now Gazentap ) travelled from Turkey to Syria during the Armenian Genocide and then to France to study dentistry.  Once qualified, he travelled to Ethiopia to work for the Emperor Haile Selassie for several years. He then settled in Lebanon, namely Jounieh. He established his first dental clinic in one of the red roofed houses on the seaside road of Jounieh.

His son Jean Saatdjian, followed in his footsteps and studied dentistry at Universite St. Joseph in Beirut. The father and son team worked together and in the early 1980’s relocated their clinic to the 5th floor of the neighbouring building, establishing a brand new clinic with a panoramic view of the bay of Jounieh.

Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Raffi Saatdjian studied dentistry at Universite St. Joseph, Beirut and the three generations of Saatdjian dentists worked together for several years. Gradually the elders retired and Raffi established a second branch in Ashrafieh, allowing him to receive patients from both Jounieh and Beirut. All three generations of Saatdjian dentists are renowned for their excellence in dentistry and aesthetics.

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